The range of innovative devices and solutions on offer at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) are straight out of a world that answers every human whim and frailty. Yet, above the loud noise and talk of foldable devices, drone taxis and coffee-making robots, the voice of future technologies such as IOT, AI or 5G, that will make them happen is louder than anything else. ERTICO is a vital part of the conversation as the organisation showcases its newest project 5G MOBIX, attends the important GIO Round Table and catches up with key actors in the technological sector. Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO, in the closing hours of the event presents ‘Disruptive Innovation in Transport: Future Mobility’.

The Congress was the ideal setting to launch 5GMOBIX’ website. This project is an essential component of the 5GPPP initiative, a collaboration between the European Commission and industry that will test and push forward 5G market deployment. 5GMOBIX has a consortium of over 45 Partners from a range of companies and suppliers. It will assess and validate 5G deployment scenarios for CCAM across border corridors in Turkey/Greece and Spain/Portugal. At the MWC, ERTICO presents 5GMOBIX with Turkcell, the Turkish digital operator. It is Turkcell’s first collaboration with ERTICO and the company’s first involvement in a Horizon2020 project.

“Turkcell is super excited about this project and MWC19 in Barcelona is the perfect place to present it. We have over 300 visitors asking us questions and looking at our platooning demonstration. It is a real opportunity to show what we are going to do” said Nazli Gurney, Turkcell’s Project Manager for 5G MOBIX. A live platooning demo on the stand presents the situation of a truck platoon crossing a border with 5G connectivity enabling efficient self-driving truck control.

During the Congress, ERTICO expert François Fischer participated in the GIO Round Table on Industry Digitalisation Architecture and Transformative Practices hosted by Huawei and the TM forum. “As a private-public partnership ERTICO is motivated by collaboration and it is essential that we are here to represent the views of transportation”, said François Fischer. Conclusions from the round table lie in the importance of filling gaps that may remain in the creation of a future digital architecture, implementing significant testing across industry, working closely with manufacturing and as François pointed out – ensuring that voices from both the commercial and public sector were heard. A White Paper outlining key recommendations will be produced as a next step.

ERTICO took the opportunity of MWC19 to catch up with its Partners as well as key figures in the sector including Jan Ellsberger Vice-President of Huawei, Adrian Scrase CTO of ETSI, and Mikael Fallgren of Ericsson. These conversations will be published by ERTICO as features in the coming weeks.

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