5GMETA consortium partners Unimore and WINDTRE presented the project at the Modena Smart Life Conference between 23 and 26 September 2021. The talks took place under the session “PNRR Challenges and Opportunities for Smart and Sustainable Cities”, where the possible benefits coming from the 5GMETA project were discussed concerning the recovery plan laid out by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), the Next Generation EU programme for recovery from the Covid-19 emergency in Italy.

During the session, the benefits of 5GMETA were discussed, including generating revenue, reducing costs, and enforcing safety and security. Roberto Cavicchioli, consortium member at Unimore, underlined the project’s direct impact on the value chain and the business models: “In a nutshell, the automotive market will foresee an increased ‘softwarisation’ where new entrants like SMEs and Start-Ups in addition to Big Tech Companies will play a key role in exploiting and monetizing the tremendous amount of data generated by new vehicles, to provide innovative services.” He continues, “With the data generated through the project, we will be creating new value for data generators, reducing travelling costs by providing shorter and more efficient iterations, and sending warnings to users and public entities on time to reduce the time for an intervention.”

Modena Smart Life Digital Culture Festival has been an annual event recurring since 2016. It brings together key participants in various sectors talking about the recent developments and the future of smart and sustainable cities.

Watch the full recording (in Italian) here.

The 5GMETA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 957360.