Led by ERTICO, the 5G-LOGINNOV project is committed to improving the efficiency of ports, freight and the logistic supply chain by using new innovative concepts, applications and devices supported by 5G technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, next-generation traffic management, Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and the 5G logistics corridor.

Last year, the launch of the 5G-LOGINNOV open call was a successful way to get onboard innovative start-ups planning to develop use cases and applications within the 5G ecosystem. In particular, the implementation of 5G-based solutions in the framework of activities carried out at the project’s three Living Labs – Athens, Hamburg and Koper – would have the final purpose of optimising freight and traffic operations at ports and logistic hubs.

5G-LOGINNOV project coordinator, Dr Eusebiu Catana, remarks: “5G-LOGINNOV represents a game-changer in 5G related to freight transport and logistics and it will support the substantial growth and diversification of flows and connected data, IoT, AI, CCAM applications, and emerging technologies. This tendency matches the already high demand for more sustainable and multimodal transport and in turn, this will demand data interoperability and harmonisation as well as technical solutions to share data between heterogeneous IT systems over many stakeholders involved in European and global transport & logistics networks.”

The cooperation between 5G-LOGINNOV consortium members and the start-ups aims to encourage the market uptake of emerging and innovative 5G technologies. The synergies between the different actors involved in the Consortium are expected to be drivers of technological, societal and environmental innovations.

“We were looking for innovative programs open to disruptive solutions and innovative business models. Moreover, the quality and diversity of the 5GLOGINNOV consortium partners gave us the confidence that this program is the best place for companies like ours,” states Roni Dulberg, CEO at ROADSAI.

For their significant role in the project, the start-ups have been recently under the spotlight for a new communication project. Each of them has recorded a video testimonial of their experience, the reasons behind their decision to participate in the 5G-LOGINNOV open call in 2021 and their expectations of being members of the 5G consortium.

“We’re seeing great potential being part of the 5G-LOGINNOV mission,” says Alexander Jablovski, Co-founder of UZE Mobility.

This project is an opportunity for these innovative business realities to showcase their expertise within the 5GLOGINNOV community and with external partners.

“5G-LOGINNOV represents the future of the new business world to “digitally” go where no one has gone before in transport and logistics”, said Dr Catana.

Discover the project’s testimonials, starting from Episode #1 with Yannis Kopsinis, Co-founder and CEO at LIBRA AI Technologies.

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