Yesterday, Tuesday 20 February, marked the official opening of the first Automotive eMotion Summit 2024, hosted by the Belgian and Luxembourg Automobile and Cycle Federation (FEBIAC). Taking place at the Skyhall of Brussels Airport, this inaugural summit will run until Thursday 22 February, adding a spotlight to the Belgian automotive sector. The event brings together industry stakeholders, government representatives, fleet managers, and opinion leaders, and Mr Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO, had the great pleasure of moderating the panel discussion ‘Cars as Data Centres in Smart Cities’. Joined by distinguished panellists, Geert Van der Linden (DG MOVE), Karen Vancluysen (POLIS Network), and Etienne Kairis (Liedekerke), the discussion covered topics such as the real value of data sharing for urban mobility, tackling aspects of automotive, physical and digital infrastructure, connectivity, and regulatory policy.

The panel not only unravelled the intricacies of leveraging data to enhance urban environments but also addressed the multifaceted role of connected cars in shaping smart cities. Attendees gained valuable insights into the strategic intersection of automotive technology, urban planning, and data governance, contributing to the transformative conversation about the future of smart cities and connected vehicles.

Reflecting on the panel’s insight, Mr Vantomme expressed, “I had the pleasure to bring the data and connectivity topic to the auto industry. Invaluable insights were shared by the panel members, and we delved into the tangible benefits of data sharing for urban mobility. The discussion covered various angles, including automotive perspectives, physical and digital infrastructure considerations, connectivity issues, and regulatory policy implications. Concrete use cases with detailed data-sharing examples were highlighted, aligning closely with our work at ERTICO on Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and data. It was a highly successful and inspiring panel, and I extend my gratitude to our friends at FEBIAC for inviting us to this stimulating discussion.”

This first edition of the Automotive eMotion Summit provides a platform for meaningful interactions between industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators, fostering a collective push for positive change. Access the Programme to discover more of the Conference topics.