Halfway through its duration and with its mid-term review approaching soon, the SUNRISE project is ready to showcase some of its technical achievements. The event that was held on 5 February in Brussels was the perfect opportunity to present them to a large audience of experts and stakeholders.

Stefan de Vries, SUNRISE Project Coordinator, unveiled the project’s core features, objectives, and milestones to an engaged audience at the Conference. A highlight of his presentation included showcasing the latest key accomplishments, which underscored SUNRISE’s strides towards establishing a robust safety assurance framework (SAF) for CCAM technologies. These achievements included:

Benchmarking and User Group Identification: through comprehensive benchmarking efforts, SUNRISE identified four main user groups – Homologation Technical Service, Euro-NCAP, OEM, and Scenario Database Hosts – each with distinct needs and expectations. This insightful categorisation provided a foundational understanding of stakeholder requirements, informing subsequent development endeavours.

Methodology Development: SUNRISE pioneered a methodology for its SAF proposing diverse test environments, spanning physical, virtual, and hybrid options. This innovative approach ensures comprehensive testing coverage while enabling seamless scenario allocation across the toolchain, thereby enhancing testing efficiency and effectiveness.

Toolchain Definition: the project meticulously defined the components of the SUNRISE SAF Toolchain, encompassing essential elements such as the test case manager, subject vehicle, environmental factors, diverse traffic agents, and simulation model validation. This holistic framework forms the backbone of SUNRISE’s safety assurance endeavours, facilitating rigorous testing and validation of CCAM technologies.

SUNRISE Data Framework: a cornerstone of the project’s infrastructure, the SUNRISE SAF boasts a harmonised ontology, streamlining access to a myriad of external scenario databases through a unified portal. This centralised approach enhances data accessibility and interoperability, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the CCAM community.

The SUNRISE impact resonates with the objectives outlined in the CCAM Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), particularly concerning validated safety and security, and the resilience of CCAM technologies. The establishment and adoption of the SUNRISE Safety Assurance Framework are poised to deliver profound societal and economic benefits, ushering in a new era of enhanced safety and security within the transport ecosystem.

The upcoming mid-term event, where SUNRISE partners will unveil a draft version of their main product – the CCAM Safety Assurance Framework – will set a promising milestone and mark a significant leap forward in the quest for safer and more secure CCAM technologies. After the event, which is to be open to project consortium only, the SUNRISE project will share with all interested stakeholders the main takeaways and the step forward. This will allow SUNRISE Expert Platform members to follow every important step of the project and contribute to its development.

ERTICO’s Senior Manager Dr Stephane Dreher believes that “the SUNRISE project stands as a beacon of collaboration and innovation, forging partnerships with international experts and standardisation bodies to propel CCAM safety to new levels. Through unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, SUNRISE paves the way for a future where mobility is synonymous with safety, security, and sustainability.”