On 24 October a new traffic and navigation service was launched in the Antwerp region. The aim of the pilot in Antwerp is to determine whether a new, smart tunnel service can relieve the congested Kennedy Tunnel and distribute the traffic density more evenly between the two Scheldt tunnels on the Antwerp ring road.

The pilot in Antwerp is part of the European project SOCRATES2.0, which carries out tests in the regions of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen and Munich. In SOCRATES2.0, eleven public and private organizations have been challenged to try out different ways of working together, thereby realizing smarter traffic and navigation services. The most important learning objectives are to gain insight into how to organize the cooperation between public and private parties and whether this cooperation actually leads to better and smarter traffic information and navigation services for the road user.

The cooperating partners are road authorities (Copenhagen, Flemish government, Rijkswaterstaat, Bast), ITS service providers (Technolution, MAPtm, HERE), a car manufacturer (BMW Group) and various market parties that supply traffic information and navigation services (Be-Mobile, TomTom, BrandMKRS).

Register as tester

The partners are still looking for testers. Interested road users who drive in the Antwerp region regularly can register via https://socrates2.org/registration. The service is available on the BMW ‘Professional’ navigation system and via the app Flitsmeister (on your smartphone). Don’t forget to subscribe.