Toyota UK have recently shown off two cars about to enter the retail market fitted with TPEG based Navi systems using the INRIX UK TPEG service delivered by Digital Radio (DAB).

As far as we know this is an in-vehicle first: to install and sell to retail customers TPEG based Navigation system capability to be used with on-air TPEG services and facilitated by several other TISA Members working behind the scenes to make all this possible.

Here we see some displays – photos taken by TISA Members Mark Sutcliffe from Arqiva and Dave Francis from INRIX – showing the Navi system screen renderings.

Landcruiser display – showing there is Traffic info (TPEG-TEC) and Traffic prediction (TPEG-TFP) is possible.

It is also possible to receive Parking information (TPEG-PKI) but it is not received at the current time/location.

Prius display – showing road events delivered by TPEG-TEC – rendered by icon display. TEC is used for Live incidents and current Congestion. Landcruiser display – the system is capable of displaying prediction data by rendering road-aligned colour codes; although this is not currently part of the UK live service.

For more information contact Amaury Cornelis.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 08 Mar 2012