MAESTRO Departure Manager – co-developed by DSNA and Egis – contributes to the A-CDM certification of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

MAESTRO Departure Manager (DMAN) has been in service since 9 November 2010 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. The system contributed to the accreditation of the Airport- Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) label on 16 November 01h UTC for Paris-CDG. The Collaborative Decision Making at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDM@CDG) aims to improve coordination between airport stakeholders (airport operator airlines traffic control) for an optimum utilisation of airport capacity and smoother traffic flows. The system is composed of both MAESTRO DMAN for the air traffic control part and the Gestion Locale des Départs (GLD) provided by Aéroports de Paris for the airport part.

DMAN is a component of the MAESTRO system co-developed by Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne (DSNA) and Egis Avia. Technically MAESTRO DMAN provides a pre-departure sequence to regulate and minimise aircraft queues at runway threshold. It compiles and processes air traffic management and airport data. It actually assigns each aircraft a runway and a trajectory at Paris-CDG Airport based on runway configuration and capacity potential closure and the strategy decided by the ATC tower chief. The controller uses a specific interface to give departure or start-up clearances at the most appropriate time in order to fuel runways depending on their capacity hence reducing delays and aircraft congestion.

Paris-CDG is the first airport in importance to be accredited with the A-CDM certification and the third airport in Europe after Munich and Brussels. The label is delivered by Eurocontrol’s Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) to acknowledge the achievement of an information sharing process between all airport stakeholders. CFMU hence devolves to Paris-CDG airport the management of departing aircraft. The system benefits to airlines through a reliable and reactive process as they no longer have to wait for time slots allocated by CFMU. The successful coordination between the teams of Egis Avia DSNA Aéroports de Paris and Air France as well as the quick familiarisation of operational staff with the system contributed to this milestone. It significantly improves the airport’s performance and the predictability of traffic for the benefit of the whole European network.

At the heart of the system and through this project MAESTRO DMAN also yields reduced environmental nuisance through lower emissions noise and fuel consumption thanks to notable cuts in taxiing and waiting time (2 minutes less by aircraft on average). The implementation is a success for the technical teams of Egis Avia who managed to transpose the DMAN concept to an operational system in less than two years; above all it is a significant breakthrough in terms of sustainable air transport.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 17 Mar 2011