Sascha Westermann, Head of ITS and Intermodal Traffic Management at the Port of Hamburg introduces the topic of Sustainable transprot for people and goods.

The density of population – especially in metropolitan areas – is permanently increasing. At the same time the demand for goods and the demands for short delivery times increases (catchword “same day delivery”). Since neither space nor money are available for extensive construction and the quality of life is expected to rise, intelligent ITS solutions are required.

The progress of digitization of cities, ports and logistic hubs, varies in degrees and speed. And therefore also the possibilities of sustainable transport for people and goods. But the technical capabilities are there – even though in varying degrees.

Automated Driving, C-ITS, E-Mobility, Car-Sharing and others are just some of the issues that are combined in the context of sustainable transport for people and goods.
In order to recognize what options are available elsewhere, which will be available in the future and whatever fits the particular situation, a comprehensive knowledge sharing and a holistic analysis is needed.

Now is the time to tap the full potential of these capabilities.

What can attendees expect from this topic? 

There are very fascinating innovations in the topic “Sustainable transport for people and goods”. The technical capabilities are as innovative as varied. It will be interesting to exchange views and discuss the variety, which are also formed by the combination of the different solutions. And maybe together we can develop even more new ideas and solutions.

Sustainable transport for people and goods addresses a number of topics which span in various thematic areas of interest for the majority of the attendees of the Congress.

The “Sustainable transport for people and goods” sessions will be a very good source of information and a good forum for fruitful discussions.

At recent ITS congresses we saw and demonstrated some solutions for sustainable transport for people and goods. Now we want to see and discuss how the journey continues.

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