ERTICO – ITS Europe and the City of Copenhagen will proudly be hosting the 25th ITS World Congress in Copenhagen in September 2018.

A key part of this event is the demonstrations which have always been one of the most attractive parts of the ITS World Congress, especially from participant perspectives. They are also perceived as a great opportunity for companies to present their state-of-the art products and solutions in real-life scenarios – creating a higher impact.

The demonstrations give the participants the opportunity to test new products and services and gain a real experience, hence creating a deeper understanding.

For this reason, ERTICO and the City of Copenhagen will be delighted to invite you to an open day to discuss the opportunities available for you to showcase your products and services in Copenhagen as a part of the demonstration. The second part of the day would be focused on facilitating ideas between the participants, which might lead to joint demonstrations or even new partnerships.

The draft agenda is available here. Please follow this link to register.