All transport systems have been under extraordinary pressure for a number of years to dramatically reduce inefficiencies and environmental impact and this pressure has increased with the current uncertain economic outlook. Concerned organisations and governments around the world question the sustainability of transport as we know it today. The EU and other national or regional entities face common and new mobility challenges in the modern world.

In parallel a technological revolution has been taking place over recent years with the proliferation of autonomous mobility solutions (aircraft marine terrestrial and underwater) that promise many benefits including the creation of new markets while new problems of different types are appearing (legal/regulatory scientific-technical conflicts with the status quo and so on).

In the context of autonomous transport systems and in line with the above mentioned opportunities and emerging business together with the need to address the scientific and technical challenges that must be resolved to ensure its international presence and relevance ADAM (Automation Development for Autonomous Mobility) consortium members propose an initiative of research and technological development of industrial interest which aims to increase the autonomous capabilities of the operating processes of transport through the development of advanced navigation guidance control communications surveillance and automation based on net-centric architectures and advanced technologies for autonomous transport systems.

Led by Boeing and supported by the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development: a Business Public Entity answering to the Ministry for Science and Innovation in Spain (currently within the Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness) which fosters technological development and innovation in Spanish companies) with a total budget of close to 19 M€ the ADAM initiative is backed by a consortium sponsored by leading institutions in transport mobility and integration of systems in all application areas (surface maritime and aeronautic) in Spain as well as at the international level (BOEING INDRA NAVANTIA ELECNOR-DEIMOS FICOSA INSA SAES AZKAR) and it is composed of ten companies with two SMEs standing out due to their innovative capacity (CENTUM Maser) and twelve research organisations including TECNALIA Research & Innovation (an ERTICO Partner).

On Thursday 24 November the project named “ADAM” focused on science and technology around Autonomous Mobility was initiated at the Boeing headquarters in Madrid. This project will last for more than three years and will finish at the end of 2014.

For further information please contact Francisco A. Navarro.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 08 Feb 2012