The annual ADASIS Forum General Assembly and plenary meeting will take place at the FORD premises in Aachen on 6 July 2010. During the morning the main focus will be the presentation of  ADASIS 2.0 Specifications by the Implementation Task Force members. This major 2010 achievement will be demonstrated and then discussed with ADASIS Forum members.

eCoMoveThen in the afternoon the ADASIS Forum will organise a joint workshop together with the eCoMove and INTERACTIVE Consortia two integrated projects which will be presented to the Forum from their coordinators respectively Jean Charles Pandazis (ERTICO) and Aria Etemad (FORD).  The purpose of the workshop is to discuss on new requirements for map data and ADASIS interface functionalities in the context of innovative in-vehicle applications for safety and energy efficiency.



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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010