In June 2015 the WG2 core work group presented their first results for the new ADASISv3 standard after one year of intensive work. ADASIS members have now the chance to review and comment the draft and all its ideas.

Most of the wishes and proposals from all members can be found in the draft document which includes: an extended architecture with multiple provider and clients, update, deletion and feedback mechanism, extended road lane model and many more. Obviously there is still a plenty of work ahead but with the first release we have a well-rounded outlook on the next generation of the next ADASIS protocol. Meanwhile the core group is already working on specification details to create a self-contained working specification to serve as basis for future extensions. We expect the ADASISv3 applications at end of this year.

Join the Industry Insight session (II03) on “ADAS horizon and map data enabling automated driving”  at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux on Tuesday 6 October 5pm.