TermiLab is located mainly in Gothenburg but also Malmö in Sweden. This living lab is focused on a trailer terminal for cross-docking where a forwarder, NTEX, operates a network of terminals with their own trailers. The transportation capacity is supplied by haulage companies (subcontractors). The main problem that we are addressing in this living lab is how to exploit real-time dynamic data and information related to the resources in the system, not only the cargo. A trailer in need of service, for instance, will effectively cripple the operation of a forwarder if not fixed in time. The same also applies to handling equipment, trucks and load securing. In TermiLab, we will implement innovative data collection methods aimed at digitizing this often hard to define information so that it can be valorised by actors in the supply chain by making it part of the AEOLIX eco-system.

We interviewed Pier-Olof Arnas of Chalmers University who is also the leader of Living Lab 2 and Jon Högström, NTEX while visiting the TermiLab in Gothenburg.

“At TermiLab we are currently focusing on collection and digitization of complex data related to shipments. In a fast-paced cross-docking terminal like this, speed in information handling is the key to success and we are now implementing an iPad based data collection system where terminal workers can register a vast range of data already in the terminal. These data will be made available to other actors in the relevant supply chains through the AEOLIX platform.” said Pier-Olof.

Watch the full story filmed in TermiLab in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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