LEARN International Workshop took place on 4 and 5 April 2017 in Brussels. The event brought together private sector, government and civil society stakeholders with an interest in reducing the carbon footprint of the global freight and logistics sector.

Lina Konstantinopoulou, ERTICO-ITS Europe, talked about projects AEOLIX and CO-GISTICS on the second day of the workshop, 5th April in the morning panel on “Data collection and exchange”.

“Data Collection and Exchange needs to be enabled in two ways: The first is the low level and is meant to cover a particular supply chain leg in road transport. Technologies such as ITS can be seen as tools to be able to collect and exchange data for carbon footprint monitoring.  One of the examples can be seen in the CIP pilot CO-GISTICS where we are deploying C-ITS services and logistics to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint and on a higher level we need to cover the whole supply chain we need an architecture.  ERTICO with a strong consortium is a building AEOLIX – a Pan EU architecture for a distributed open system for exchange of information among key logistics actors (commercial companies as well as relevant authorities), enabling increased use and impact of such information in the value chain…” explained Lina during the panel discussion.