18 September 2013


California-based computer and display maker American Industrial Systems said it is launching a new family of multi-touch panel PCs and human machine interfaces designed for a range of growing applications in intelligent transportation systems and infrastructure.

According to the firm, the systems are meant to serve transportation and driver information systems requiring rugged multi-touch panel PCs and HMI operator consoles in fleet vehicles, buses, trains, automobiles and other vehicles.

They are also meant to serve intelligent infrastructure systems such as, automatic road enforcement, roadway and airport surveillance, security, emergency notification and more.

While some intelligent systems applications may call for enhancing the driver´s experience or improving productivity, applications such as infrastructure monitoring and management can have more demanding and exacting requirements.

The readiness and day-to-day operational efficiency and productivity for transportation companies are of paramount importance. Monitoring solutions play a significant role in keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly, efficiently and safely. Real-time display of information with the highest possible level of quality and user experience regardless of the conditions is required.

According to AIS, the Multi-Touch HMIshelp transportation applications maximise the availability of assets and infrastructure for revenue generation, while assuring safety and security with less cost and impact on their customers.

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