On 3 October,  the International Symposium on Emerging Trends in Transportation was held in Rome. The Symposiu, organised and sponsored by the Chinese Overseas Transportation Association, Roma Tre and Sapienza Universities and Transportation Research Board (TRB), focuses on emerging technology and policy trends related to urban transportation solutions.

Our CONCORDA project has been represented by Sebe Vogel (RWS), from the Amsterdam Practical Trial. Mr. Vogel attended the special interest session “Challenges and Opportunities for Future Traffic Management and Operations with CAVs”, presenting APT and CONCORDA.

The session was an occasion to talk about the policies which will shape the future of road transport and have an overview about the different national and European strategies and programmes, such as CEF and C-road, stressing the need and relevance of the cooperation between OEMs and road operators.

CONCORDA was presented with a practical approach, showcasing the Amsterdam Practical Trial and the already implemented cooperation between OEM (Fiat Chrysler),  the supplers, such as NXP and the road operators, in order to discover the Challenges and Opportunities for Future Traffic Management and Operations with CAVs .

The practical experience CONCORDA provides has been linked with the research findings of GLOSA, the green light optimized speed advisory system which uses timely and accurate information about traffic signal timing and traffic signal locations to guide drivers (through infrastructure-to-vehicle communication) with speed advice for a more uniform commute with less stopping time through traffic signals.