Fifty-five participants from seven countries joined the second annual NeMo Stakeholder Forum Conference on 10 October 2018 at ERTICO in Brussels to have a look at the current status of the NeMo Hyper-Network for Electromobility and a selection of its services.

The summary report of the event is available here [.pdf]
Presentations from the event are available for download here

Gathering attendees from European institutions, national authorities and electro-mobility service users and providers, the event follows up on the First NeMo Stakeholder Forum Conference held near Stuttgart on 12 October 2017 (click here for presentations, photos and report).

The NeMo project has developed Common Information Models, data translators, common interfaces, smart processing and data management algorithms, the NeMo Inter-roaming protocol, and the first version of the Hyper-Network: a distributed network based on blockchain, with nodes operated by different project partners, and in the future by external NeMo users.

This Hyper-Network of tools, models and services will create an open, distributed and widely accepted ecosystem for electromobility allowing charging points, roaming operators, the electricity grid, system operators and service providers, vehicles and their owners/drivers to connect with each other in order to exchange data and to provide electromobility services in a fully integrated and interoperable way.

In addition to core services and the eRoaming platforms, the Hyper-Network offers a marketplace for electromobility services: participants to the conference learned about a variety of service use cases, for both daily commutes and long-distance journeys.

A panel discussion offered an opportunity to engage with the audience around key questions: what type of services would you expect from the Hyper-Network? What are the strengths of the network and what will make it attractive?

The afternoon was dedicated to a demonstration of the Hyper-Network, with an overview of the NeMo node topology and the main steps in setting up a NeMo Node, including the hardware and operating system requirements and the installation procedure.

Next steps for NeMo include a cross-country test drive scheduled to take place in mid-2019, linking the five project test sites in Barcelona, Paris, Turin, Vienna and Berlin in order to test roaming functionalities for electric vehicles; and a hackathon in early 2019 that will allow participants to create web and mobile applications using services provided by the NeMo Hyper-Network.

External electromobility players are invited to engage with NeMo by joining as Associate Partners and participating in the NeMo Marketplace.

With annual stakeholder events, NeMo seeks to engage a wide range of external bodies in order to ensure the success of the Hyper-Network in achieving its objective of transforming electromobility in Europe. Potentially interested organisations include providers of electromobility and related services (navigation, payment, etc.), charging station manufacturers and operators, public authorities, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, application developers, researchers and academia, infrastructure owners (roads, car parks, service stations), energy providers and distribution operators, EV fleet operators (cars, buses, e-bikes, logistics), consultants, media, associations, etc.

The NeMo Stakeholder Forum is open to all: sign up now at and join the LinkedIn group at Members can engage with the project by providing feedback on project outputs, receive updates on project developments, and are invited to NeMo events.