The UN Climate Conference analysed what has been achieved since COP26 last November and to lay the foundations for COP27 where all nations will be expected to lay out their plans for accelerated climate action. The pan-European passenger transport company, Arriva Group, has announced a new Zero-Emission Institute which will be led by a team of experts in fleet planning, to accelerate its journey to net-zero in partnership with cities and regions.

Anne Hettinga, a Member of the Arriva Management Board and Managing Director, Arriva Netherlands, says: “By pulling together and committing, change can be accelerated. Every business and every nation will need to play its part and in our capacity as a leading passenger transport provider, we know that we have a really important role, but we also know we can’t achieve our goals alone – partnership is essential and critical to success.”

Arriva has launched their launched our Zero Emission Institute (ZEI) to help accelerate their own journey. It will be a central hub of knowledge and expertise where Arriva will work in partnership throughout Europe to share best practice and build strategies which will enable the transition to net-zero.

The ZEI will harness our experience, built up across our pan-European group, to help inform sustainable mobility strategies. It will also analyse the full lifecycle cost of vehicles and their environmental impacts to help find solutions to making them more sustainable and affordable.

It has been widely reported that the transport sector accounts for close to 25 per cent of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions when all forms of transport are taken into consideration, and this is the main cause of air pollution in cities. As part of the EU’s objective to reach climate neutrality by 2050, the transport sector must decarbonise.

Source: Arriva