How is your experience with electric vehicles?

Whether you use an electric car, bicycle or scooter, the European project ELVITEN wants to learn more about your experience with Electric Light Vehicles (ELVs).

ELVITEN supports efficient and more sustainable mobility in Europe by promoting light ELVs as an alternative to the use of cars or fossil-fuel powered two-wheelers, and as a complement to public transport, as well as for light urban logistics. Especially in southern European cities where there is a high use of petrol-driven scooters, ELVITEN is raising awareness of electric-powered alternatives, which will reduce air pollution and noise in cities. Usage schemes for ELVs are ongoing in six cities: Berlin, Malaga, Trikala, Genoa, Rome and Bari, but the project is also collecting attitudes from across Europe. The final impact in terms of usage and environmental benefits will be measured and published in the second half of 2020.

If you wish to contribute to the research on electric transport modes you can fill in this online, anonymous survey, which takes only 10-15 minutes.

Based on the responses, the experiences of users and attitudes of non-users will be analysed in detail, especially as regards:

  • any situations that resulted from interactions among ELV users with other traffic participants (e.g. vulnerable road users, heavy vehicles, level of interactions, involved participants, user’s reaction);
  • any interactions between ELV users and road infrastructures, environment conditions (e.g. road signs, road markings, visibility conditions);
  • the satisfactory level of availability of private and public charge points and technologies;
  • any technical problems encountered with ELVs;
  • the level of comfort of ELV users and any matters experienced with the control of a vehicle.

The survey is available in five languages: EnglishGermanGreekItalian and Spanish and can be submitted by 23 March 2020.

Let’s go electric!