Research and Innovation (R&I) plays an important role in shaping the future transport system, ensuring the European transport industry maintains its global competiveness. Within this framework, the EC adopted the working document “Towards clean, competitive and connected mobility: the contribution of Transport Research and Innovation to the Mobility package”, that support transport R&I by tackling many issues contained in the STRIA Roadmaps.

In order to define future policy strategies and decrease the risk of funding dispersion, it is important to have a clear understanding of market readiness and penetration for new transport technologies, the actors involved, and the available funding sources.

A macro-level financial and socio-economic assessment of innovation capacity in the EU as a whole, and at the Member State (MS) level, will provide an overview of the status of European transport R&I and will present the context for the STRIA Roadmap capacity assessment.

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Source and photo credits: European Commission