In 2018, ERTICO and 20 other partners from nine different European countries kicked-off the CAD-focused ICT4CART project. Led by ICCS, the project aimed to design, implement and test in real-life conditions a versatile ICT infrastructure that would enable the transition towards higher levels of automation (up to L4) addressing existing gaps and working with key ICT elements, namely hybrid connectivity, data management, cyber-security, data privacy and accurate localisation.

With the project coming to a close this February, the ICT4CART consortium is ready to present the results obtained from its high-value use cases (urban and highway) trialled at the project’s four test sites in Germany, Austria, Italy, and a cross-border case at the Austrian-Italian border. The ICT4CART consortium demonstrated, at their various test locations and under different conditions, four high-value use cases: (UC1) dynamic adaptation of vehicle automation level based on infrastructure information, (UC2) intersection crossing (urban) & lane merging (highway), (UC3) smart parking & IoT services, and (UC4) cross-border interoperability.

To share its results, ICT4CART has published its first technical newsletter, publicly available here.

The first issue of ICT4CART’s technical newsletter offers the readers not only the opportunity to discover the project’s German and cross-border demo sites, but also to learn more about technologies such as smart parking and G5 short range communication, as well as technologies used to increase the vision of the vehicle on the surrounding traffic. Moreover, it features the videos from the German use cases.

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