Atos joined the EU-funded project AI4Cities to support six European cities and regions to accelerate their transition towards carbon neutrality. The artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will ultimately reduce CO2 in mobility and energy, two domains responsible for 82% of all greenhouse gas emissions in European cities.

Atos has been selected for phase one in the three-year project AI4Cities: the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process that challenges technology companies in the six cities and regions to design, implement and test innovative artificial intelligence solutions. It aims to support them to modernise public sector services and solve vital societal challenges. The towns and countries included are Helsinki (Finland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Paris Region (France), Stavanger (Norway), and Tallin (Estonia). 

The selected companies will, with artificial intelligence, analyse travel patterns to design more efficient routes and schedules while contributing to a much smaller environmental footprint. It will also optimise electric vehicle charging locations by providing recommendations based on artificial intelligence; and reducing the time to evaluate, plan, and promote investments (e.g., building renovation). In addition, companies will optimise the consumption and energy efficiency in buildings and maximise the use of local renewable electricity through demand management, using buildings as distributed thermal energy storage, among other solutions. The total funding for this project, divided amongst the selected suppliers throughout the whole PCP process, is 4.6 million euros.

Atos is responsible for developing services through the solution called “AI4GreenBuildings”. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the energy performance of buildings and its impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions through a control suite that monitors the building flexible energy supply (i.e. electricity, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water) and usage in buildings. In parallel, the solution will help municipal decision-makers to create more innovative and more effective streamlined policies. The solution will also raise citizen awareness on how their actions can impact energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

“AI4GreenBuildings” proposes an innovative solution through the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform. It will empower cities and citizens to manage all the energy resources of buildings, enabling interoperability and integration of devices (e.g. meters, sensors, etc.) for efficient generation, storage, and consumption management specifically designed for homes, buildings, and entire neighbourhoods and communities. Furthermore, its open, standard, and flexible design opens the door to future scalability, replicability, collaboration, and integration of external communities in a simple way.

Atos recently confirmed its position as the decarbonised and secure digital leader, driven by the ambition to reach net-zero by 2028 and to provide customers with the most comprehensive, end-to-end decarbonisation portfolio on the market.

Source: Atos

Image by Ogutier from Pixabay