Atos announced that it has been recognized as a global leader in Google Cloud certification after just 11 months, with more than 300 technical experts certified worldwide. This certification shows that Atos is committed to developing its expertise in Google Cloud solutions and has proven that it can leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that can transform businesses and meaningfully impact the people and customers they serve.

“We are immensely proud to be recognized as a leading global Google Cloud Certified Partner worldwide,” said Eric Grall, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Global Operations and Infrastructure & Data Management at Atos. Not only does this support our clients worldwide, by ensuring that they receive the highest level of technical expertise from a certified Google Cloud expert, but it also supports our employees in their career development so that they are able advance to the next level. We look forward to continuing to train and develop our employees and to bring more customers to Google Cloud.

To date, more than 300 technical experts across all of Atos’ regions worldwide have been certified, with many more planned to take the exams in the coming weeks. The certification validates that these employees can design, build, manage and deploy application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology. Certifications include: Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, Associate Cloud Engineer and Cloud Developer.

Atos also received, at Google Cloud Next, the Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award.

Source and photo credits: Atos