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Start-ups are changing the face of mobility and transport. From the way we move around our cities to how we receive delivery of the goods we order, the innovative power of start-ups is disrupting the industry. Hoping to channel this disruptive energy, the upcoming ITS European Congress in Eindhoven there will bring focus to the special host topic, Start-ups, Disruption and Future Workforce, that will examine how to integrate start-ups and give them the support they need to reach their full innovative potential.

The topic will examine the impact of emerging technologies on transport and mobility and investigate how innovative approaches like ride-sharing are changing the way companies look at value chains. It will assess the best ways to integrate start-ups and their latest developments into the market, and how to develop the right talent for these new types of business.

“We believe it is better to be prepared for the future than to wait and see. This is something that our network expects,” said Marije de Vreeze, ITS Netherlands Manager at smart transport network Connekt.

“So we are constantly looking for new innovations in smart mobility, the next disruptors of our sector. By adding this topic to the Congress agenda, we are taking start-ups, disruption and the future workforce seriously and invite all new innovators to connect with us during the ITS European Congress,” she said, adding that the aim is to make new connections and shape the future with start-ups, disruptors, students and young professionals. “We want them to challenge us and work together to make mobility more smart and sustainable.”

The host topic will be echoed in the Congress exhibition’s Startup Area and at the first ever ‘Your Future Festival’, where top students, young professionals and companies can connect with each other to share inspiration, research and experience and make valuable connections for the future.

In this webinar we will explore the importance of new innovations in smart mobility and look at the Congress programme in general, highlighting events and sessions that should not be missed.


Didier Gorteman, CFO & Congress Director – ERTICO

Didier specialises in finance and administration management, and accountancy. He joined ERTICO’s finance department in 1996 and in 2008 he became the director of the ITS Congresses in Europe. Didier has been at the helm of the ITS World and European Congresses in Europe for the past 11 years and the event has gone from strength to strength. He is also the CFO of ERTICO and has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Didier is especially skilled in business development, transportation, management consulting, business strategy, and events management.

Pamela Valente, Congress Programme Manager – ERTICO

Pamela joined the ERTICO Congress department in February 2011, in particular focusing on the management of the programme of the ITS European and World Congresses.

Before joining ERTICO she worked for a conferencing consulting company in Brussels and was a trainee at the European Parliament in Brussels. She is native Italian, fluent in English and French and has a basic knowledge of Dutch.

Pamela is responsible for the development of the programmes of the ITS European and World Congresses. She works closely with mobility experts and the Programme Committee members to shape an extensive, cutting-edge and engaging programme.

Marije de Vreeze, Manager of ITS Netherlands, Connekt

Marije de Vreeze (1983) is manager of ITS Netherlands, a Connekt programme. In this programme over 200 public and private parties work together on smart mobility: the application of traffic and transport solutions in order to make mobility smart, sustainable and social. Topics include: autonomous vehicles, traffic management and traffic information, mobility as a service, logistics and cycling.

Marije is a member of the ITS congress European Programme Committee, Intertraffic advisory board and coordinating committee of the ITS Nationals network (27 countries in Europe), and also took the initiative of the Dutch Mobility-as-a-Service taskforce.