The smart seat belt has won the “Safety” prize in the Transport & Mobility category

Atos, an international leader in digital services, received the Safety prize at the Connected Objects Award 2016, for its innovative and unique contribution to the world of smart seat belts.

This solution aimed at transport operators includes a ‘Seat belt emergency cutting system’ which allows all seat belts to be released in a few seconds to facilitate the evacuation of a vehicle. This major technological breakthrough responds to the needs of passenger transport safety organisations and is part of a universal crisis management solution in the event of accident or distress, for improved regulation and rapid and suitable emergency intervention.

Developed in partnership with the startup Aguila Technologies, an expert in connected objects and on-board intelligent systems, the solution unites intelligent sensors (for collisions, smoke, heat, sloping) with information transmission in the given conditions of mobility, makings this innovation a world first.

This innovative application, supported by the Aquitaine Region and its Chair Alain Rousset is the result of close collaboration with Road Security, ANATEEP (National Association for Educational Transport in Public Education) and the inter-communal body for the school sector of Langon (SISS) and will be brought to market within the next few months.

One person behind the concept, Franck Potiez, a leading expert in Mobility & IoT at Atos said: “This project is part of the Open Innovation initiative of the Atos Group, which unites the strength of our company with the agility of a startup. Beyond the technological and commercial aspects of such an innovation, let’s not forget the spirit and the goal that have brought all the different participants in this project together: saving lives!”

Original source: Atos