The European Union’s (EU) Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) regulation has been in effect since July 2022, and an overwhelming majority of automakers have selected the HERE ISA Map for their solutions to comply with the regulation. ISA is an in-vehicle system that leverages speed limit data to inform, warn and discourage drivers from exceeding the statutory limit on any given EU roadway. 

The HERE ISA Map provides automakers selling vehicles in the EU market with up-to-date and accurate speed limit information. This is accomplished by the company’s unique map making and multi-source data processes. HERE combines high-quality map data captured daily with vehicle camera sensors, local government sources, and more, to ensure drivers have the most accurate speed limit information.

To date, HERE has signed contracts with 21 passenger and commercial vehicle makers, covering 50+ brands, to utilize the HERE ISA Map. Brands include BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, VinFast, IVECO, Scania and more.

Since July 2022, all new passenger and commercial vehicle types and models introduced in the EU must be equipped with an ISA solution. From July 2024 onwards, all newly registered vehicles in the EU must feature such a solution. In addition, providing accurate speed information will help automakers receive better Safety Assist scores for their vehicles under the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

“Many automakers are combining Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) with other ADAS such as adaptive cruise control (ACC). A particular strength of ISA Map layers is their ability to effectively see over the horizon and around corners, allowing the ACC to proactively adjust driving speed in anticipation of a change in the speed limit, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable ride, while also keeping the vehicle within the speed restrictions,” said James Hodgson, Research Director at ABI Research. “Combining multiple sensor inputs in a sensor fusion process is common practice in the automotive industry, and helps automakers have confidence that their safety systems are operating with a full and accurate understanding of the road environment. By leveraging ISA map data to support active camera sensors, automakers can identify local speed restrictions with greater confidence.”

“The ISA feature is a critical tool for improving road safety. We are proud that automakers are overwhelmingly choosing the HERE ISA Map and we have successfully contributed to those solutions that are now homologated in the market. It demonstrates that a foundational map, combined with a multi-source data loop to maintain freshness, is the way to ensure reliability and performance under all visibility-impairing environmental conditions,” said Remco Timmer, Vice President of Product Management at HERE Technologies. “Vehicles with the HERE ISA Map onboard will have fresh and accurate speed limit information, including conditional limits and non-posted signs.”

To date, HERE location data and software services are used in 180 million vehicles globally, with more than 34 million cars having maps from HERE for ADAS and automated driving on board. The HERE platform presently ingests live sensor data from an estimated 40 million connected vehicles to power its maps and services for connected navigation, advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving solutions. Data from this large population of vehicles also helps HERE continuously update speed limits in its map.

Source: HERE Technologies

Image source: HERE Technologies