Be-Mobile will develop an application for a global solution to manage logistics flows for the construction of the athletes’ village for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The estimated 400 trucks that will travel through Paris each day will be guided along their entire route by this fleet management system.

Solideo, the public sector organization that will realize the infrastructure for the 2024 Paris Olympics, appointed the French company Mobility by Colas in May 2021 to organize the “last mile” logistics flows for its construction. They were asked to work with a system that will manage site traffic to avoid additional traffic congestion in the already busy Paris city centre. Mobility by Colas chose the Ghent-based mobility company Be-Mobile to add its fleet management system and driver companion application to the global solution.

Every construction company participating in the construction of the athletes’ village will be asked to work with the Truckmeister app, which will be responsible for communication between the Mobility by Colas platform and the truck driver. Truckmeister will provide a detailed overview of the vehicles travelling on the selected routes and will deliver information on their location, speed and direction. This information will give a reliable overview of where the trucks are located and, supplemented with other Floating Car Data, of the general traffic situation across the entire road network.

“With this cooperation, we have created a unique service that manages the mobility to and from the construction site of the athletes’ village but also minimizes the inconvenience for local residents and other road users. Mobility by Colas brings a service to the market in which Be-Mobile with Truckmeister is an essential part”, says Gerd Nees, Offering Manager Fleet at Be-Mobile. Fabrice Luriot, Director of Mobility by Colas adds: “The Mobility by Colas solution is based on a multisite approach aimed at preserving mobility around large urban job sites. It is an integrated solution that can be tailored to fit any project, no matter its size.”

The trucks are first directed to a waiting parking before entering Paris. They are instructed when to leave the waiting parking to meet their time slot in the athletes’ village. Trucks enter the athletes’ village via three to five carefully selected routes, minimizing the impact on other traffic. Travel times for the different routes are also displayed on digital signs at the waiting parking. In the ideal scenario, everyone arrives and departs at exactly the right time, striving for a perfectly oiled machine.

Source: Be-Mobile