By 2030, the most stringent Euro 7 / Euro VII scenario is expected to deliver only an additional 4% NOx reduction for cars and 2% for vans and heavy trucks, while the impact will be zero for buses.

Comparing the two scenarios it appears clear that Euro 7 has practically no impact on road transport NOx emissions.

A massive investment in Euro 7 would have only marginal additional environmental benefit, yet would require manufacturers to divert substantial engineering and financial resources away from electrification and zero-emission vehicles back to internal combustion engine. Ultimately, this carries a major risk of slowing down the transition to climate neutrality.

Euro 7 “zero emissions scenario”: Euro 7 would be zero-exhaust emissions from 2025 (cars and vans) and zero-exhaust emission from 2027 (heavy trucks), together with ACEA’s best current estimate of the ramp-up of zero emission vehicles (cars, vans, heavy trucks) from latest OEM announcements and assumptions regarding possible future CO2 targets.

Source: ACEA