The first introduction of a guidance system for passengers with visual impairments has been introduced on two bus lines in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Some 40 vehicles are now equipped with beacons that communicate with users’ smartphones to give them information about vehicles arriving at stations, allowing the ability to independently plan and undertake journeys on public transport.

The first phase began in early June and will last until August. The two lines have stations located close to a high school for students with visual impairments, and the system will also be tested by volunteers from the Tandem Association, a local advocacy group.
The tests will prepare the ground for a further roll-out of the system across Bucharest’s public transport network, with beacons being installed in over 500 vehicles from September onwards.
The number of people with visual impairments currently registered in Bucharest stands at 7 000 individuals, but the potential impact of the system could reach 12 000 residents.