PTV Group releases white paper about the opportunities of new data sources

Currently 2.5 exabytes of electronic data are produced per day. But how do you turn Big Data into intelligence? In a new white paper PTV Group is answering that question and shows how new data sources can be used in transport modelling.

Thanks to high-quality modelling tools such as PTV Visum, transport planners can analyse even small changes in the traffic network in detail. A golden rule: the better the input, the accurate the results.

As counting cars is usually time-consuming and expensive, PTV Group has formed an alliance with TomTom, a leader in the gathering and provision of historical traffic data. That way PTV Group is allying TomTom’s data expertise with its own in transport modelling. This enables inter alias reliable analysis of accessibility or travel times.

The white paper shows the benefits that new data sources offer, responds to frequently asked questions regarding the quality of TomTom data and explains how transport planners can use them in their modelling process. The white paper is available for free at http://your.visum.ptvgroup.com/whitepaperdata.


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