On June 14, BigDataEurope’s Smart, Green, and Integrated Transport Societal Challenge (SC4) will hold its first hangout for 2017!

The launch of BigDataEurope’s open-source Integrator Platform in early May was the culmination of over two years’ development and testing.

The Big Data Europe Integrator Platform (BDI) allows a unified view of heterogeneous data for more efficient processing, analysis and integration without having to worry about native installations of a variety of tools for data processing at scale. BDI has exciting implications for application in the transport and mobility sector.

In a webinar entitled ‘Empowering Mobility Management with Big Data’ we will demonstrate the value of the Platform in the domain of Smart, Green, and Integrated Transport by showcasing the progress during the last few months of BigDataEurope’s Thessaloniki-based SC4 pilot. The webinar will combine a presentation of algorithms and a live demo of the pilot to provide a status update of the latest developments.

Agenda: Empowering Mobility Management with Big Data

  • Simon Scerri – Fraunhofer IAIS (10 mins)

Introduction to the BigDataEurope project and an overview of the Big Data Integrator Platform

  • Josep Maria Salanova – CERTH (15 mins)

The mobility use case in Thessaloniki

  • Luigi Selmi – Fraunhofer IAIS (20 mins)

Technologies and applications – Live Demo of Pilot

  • Conclusions and Q&A (15 mins)

We look forward to your participation!

  • WHAT: Webinar: Empowering Mobility Management with Big Data
  • WHEN: June 14, 11.30 am – 12.30 pm
  • WHO: Luigi Selmi (Fraunhofer IAIS), Simon Scerri (Fraunhofer IAIS), Josep Maria Salanova (CERTH)
  • HOW: Register here
  • WHY: Find out about BigDataEurope’s Integrator Platform with a status update of the Transport Challenge’s pilot work on streaming sensor network and geospatial data integration using the BDI. See a live demo of our latest work at the pilot site in Thessaloniki.

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You can register for the webinar here.