A study examining the feasibility of introducing a bike-share system has begun in Szentendre in Hungary, a city located close to the capital of Budapest. Around half of the city’s working population commutes back and forth to Budapest daily, many using trains and buses as well as private cars.
In the proposed scenario, the bike-share system would be connected to the suburban train network and to the Bubi bike-share system in Budapest. This would allow a resident of Szentendre to cycle to the train station, go by train to Budapest, and complete their journey with a Bubi bicycle. The ability to rent public bicycles would also give residents and visitors a sustainable mobility option for leisure and recreation activities.

The study began on 12 February and will last for six months. Feasibility will be considered from a number of perspectives, including the market potential, sources of funding, and an operational model. A final report will provide recommendations and a business plan, with local residents and cyclists closely involved.

The study will be carried out by the Regional Environmental Center, which is headquartered in Szentendre, and will include the city’s municipal government and a technician from the Bubi bike-share system. The study is co-funded through the CIVITAS Activity Fund(link is external). A new call for the Activity Fund will open on 30 March.

Original author: Lewis Macdonald