CEO Hermann Meyer and Project Manager Francois Fischer from ERTICO – ITS Europe participated on 3 March in the Mobile World Congress (MWC). MWC is the world’s mobile telecommunication event of 2015 and it was held in Barcelona.

During the event, Mr. Meyer participated, together with industry leaders NXP Semiconductors, Cisco, Ford and Telit Wireless Solutions in the Open Mobility Forum. On the spotlight of the discussions was how ICT technologies will shape the future of mobility.

The panellists also spotted the challenges that ITS is facing at the moment, and the cross sectoral cooperation needed among stakeholders to overcome it. An example of this was the need to ensure security in the communication of data in order to make autonomous driving a reality in the near future.

“The car as we know it is changing from a simple mode of transport to a personalised mobile information hub – fully connected to the outside world,” said Lars Reger, Vice President automotive new business and R&D, NXP. “Technologies for autonomous driving and seamless connectivity are helping to create a more entertaining and personalised experience for consumers. They also make driving safer and easier.”

Hermann Meyer, commented that the way towards full automation will follow five steps with increasing levels of support for the driver. This will help acceptance by the users and will guide the implementation of necessary measures concerning infrastructure and policy framework.

Visiting Vicomtech-IK4, new ERTICO partner

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Hermann Meyer and François Fischer visited Vicomtech-IK4 at their booth on the Tizen stand, in the App Planet Hall. Seán Gaines, Director of International Projects at Vicomtech-IK4 and Dr. Gorka Velez showed demos of computer vision applied to ADAS and control processes for automated vehicles.

Vicomtech has recently joined the ERTICO Partnership, bringing to it its expertise in computer graphics, visual computing and multimedia technologies.

Understanding Human Centric Innovation

IMG 0432Hermann Meyer and Francois Fischer were welcomed at the FUJITSU stand by Akihiro Fujiwara, vice president Technical Center Nuernberg, Dr Adel Rouz, Executive vice-president, and Yoshinari Shiraishi, Executive Chief Engineer, Product Planning Group.

The FUJITSU representatives presented the “Human Centric Innovation” concept, which is leveraging FUJITSU extensive portfolio, scenario of advanced mobile technologies and vehicle ICT.