25 June: BLIP Systems and Plaopor have announced a broad strategic partnership that combines the proven wireless solutions of BLIP Systems with experienced consultancy company Planopor to introduce the BlipTrack traffic solution for traffic tormented Portuguese roads and cities.

This is Blip Systems third announced partnership this year and with the addition of Planopor, BlipTrack is now represented in Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, New Zealand and Iceland in the traffic segment.

About BLIP Systems

BLIP Systems is a privately held wireless technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. BLIP Systems focuses on developing and selling the tracking product BlipTrack, which works by tracking everyday Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices such as mobile phones, tablets, hands-free installations and more. By placing sensors at strategic pinpoints, BlipTrack is able to measure travel time and flow, providing city planners and road authorities with a range of new possibilities to collect reliable and real-time data for a fraction of the price compared to conventional technologies. The collected data are encrypted and contain no personal data.

About Planopor

Planopor is a development and consultancy company associated with Viapor. An experienced and well known company for road safety and signalling in Portugal, with over 20 year experience in the market. Resource planning and development have always been the main focus in Planopor activities with special interest in environmental issues.