The Automotive Week 2011 to be held from 14-22 May 2011 in the Brainport region (Eindhoven-Helmond) in the Netherlands has the theme of Building the future in mobility. Numerous events during the week will take visitors to the near future of car-based mobility. For example in the Cooperative Driving Weekend the focus is on the development of cooperative driving. Members of the public are very welcome to take a look at the experiments on the A270 highway on Sunday 15 May showing how cooperative driving can help reduce both traffic congestion and emissions. And on Sunday 22 May Helmond Classic Car takes the public on a journey through 125 years of automotive technology. As well as showing a large number of classic cars the event also features the history of electric cars and alternative fuels such as biofuels. 


Cooperative Driving Weekend: cooperative driving keeps traffic moving
Traffic volumes around the world are expected to increase greatly in the coming years. New developments are needed to keep traffic moving to reduce congestion (including jams caused by ‘shockwaves’) and to increase safety sustainability and driving comfort. One of the solutions is cooperative driving. The latest developments in this area will be shown in three unique experiments to be held on the A270 near Helmond during the Cooperative Driving Weekend on 14 and 15 May. Members of the public are very welcome to see these experiments on Sunday 15 May. The experiments focus mainly on cooperation and communication between cars themselves and between cars and the roadside infrastructure. The A270 will be closed to traffic specially for these experiments in the weekend of 14 and 15 May and the Beekstraat viaduct over the A270 in Nuenen will be used as a public tribune with an excellent view of the experiments. There will also be information stands about cooperative driving explanations of the experiments by guides and facilities for both children and adults to test the knowledge they have gained about cooperative driving. Free Automotive Week buses will run from Helmond and Eindhoven central stations for people who want to see the experiments and take part in the public programme. Because of the expected high level of interest in the free public programme visitors are asked to register in advance here.

Helmond Classic Car presents 125 years of automotive technology
Not only the future but also the history of automotive technology will be highlighted during the Automotive Week. ECMD (European Centre for Mobility Documentation) and NCAD (Netherlands Centre for Autohistoric Documentation) together with the Helmond region Rotary Club are jointly organising the Helmond Classic Car event on Sunday 15 May. This exhibition showing the development of automotive technology from the end of the 19th century will be held on the High Tech Automotive Campus. The exhibition is zoned into a series of decades with the corresponding classic cars allowing visitors to take a journey through time and to follow automotive developments decade by decade. There are also presentations of the history of the electric car alternative powertrains such as the gas turbine and the Wankel engine and alternative fuels such as hydrogen and biofuels.
‘Country zones’ will be built at different locations in the inner city of Helmond which will be closed to traffic for the occasion showing historic classic and other special vehicles produced in those countries.
For a combined visit there is a free bus service between the High Tech Automotive Campus and the centre of Helmond.


Brainport region for a whole week the international stage for smart mobility

As well as the public events there will also be a range of other events for international professionals during the Automotive Week making the Brainport region for a whole week the international stage for the latest technological developments in the field of smart mobility. For secondary school students who are interested in automotive technology there’s also the Automotive DAY on Saturday 21 May at which they can find out more about a range of automotive education courses at different levels.


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Original Publication Date: Thu 14 Apr 2011