ERTICO had the pleasure to talk with Ramiro Quintero Product Engineering Director – Advanced Communications Department at FICOSA. FICOSA is a new ERTICO Partner.

Can you describe FICOSA activities in the ITS field?

R. Quintero: FICOSA is nowadays one of the worldwide leaders in the development of in-vehicle systems integrated in vehicles. A firm commitment to innovative solutions to our clients has led FICOSA’s technology to be chosen already by several customers and several projects awarded for worldwide deployments of several million units in 2013. Our automotive customers are already benefiting from the advanced integration capabilities in telematic modules to meet their demands as several car platforms have been integrating FICOSA’s telematic modules inside since several months ago.

With today’s automotive worldwide market and customer changing needs wireless access is expected to lead to dramatically multiband applications that take advantage of ubiquitous mobility and location. Several years ago FICOSA was qualified to understand those trends in the ITS field by working in close cooperation with its customers. In that sense it was clear that the number of available communication services within a vehicle was constantly increasing. As the users appreciate the utility of new services it was not only the manufacturers of portable devices but also car makers themselves who wanted to have these services integrated in the vehicles. The proper functioning of those services such as GSM UMTS DCS GPS Glonass etc relied on good antenna reception.

The antenna is one of the most definitive elements of a wireless device. Without it wireless systems would not be wireless. Some years ago FICOSA decided to address the aforementioned new market trends through a portfolio of innovative antenna solutions in all the different services used in automobile. It started with the search of antenna technologies that could provide more than conventional solutions. Through research FICOSA led notable advances in the design of two kinds of traditionally difficult antennas: the multiband and miniature. FICOSA committed to support wireless data communications by providing specialised and unique antennas.

That commitment to provide with state-of-the-art antennas benefited FICOSA’s customers since FICOSA’s IPR portfolio ensures a competitive advantage to our partners and clients. Needless to say that the benefits of FICOSA’s expertise do not end there however. FICOSA electronics know-how in the communications and automotive sectors also led to the development of innovative telematic units. Now FICOSA is a full-service Tier-1 supplier in the telematic arena that offers full development of hardware / software solutions proprietary integrated antennas specialised manufacturing and mass production capabilities in-house testing and state-of-the-art measurement equipment and a strong IPR portfolio that ensures a competitive advantage. Currently FICOSA’s engineering group is a team of 20+ years experience in several areas such as RF software development 3G/4G communications GNSS communications etc.

Why have you joined ERTICO – ITS Europe? What are your expectations for this Partnership?

R. Quintero: FICOSA has several expectations in joining ERTICO. In a world where increasingly intelligent smart vehicles and ITS are hitting the roads FICOSA cannot stress highly enough getting in contact with the right partners. In that sense one of the major expectations from FICOSA is to participate with other European partners in projects where we can provide with the right experience in the fields of in-vehicle systems (telematic units) and proper integration of those systems in the vehicle by means of our technology. FICOSA is a Tier-1 supplier with 60+ years experience in dealing with automotive makers. In order to be successful it is key to establish strong links with the ITS community and ERTICO is a platform that really encourages that cooperation among the partners.

Are there any projects activities or sectors that you are particularly interested in?

R. Quintero: FICOSA is well recognised because of its excellence in technology. There are several areas where FICOSA is leading the innovation field and therefore where we would like to keep the lead through partnership. Looking towards the future FICOSA’s aim is to be a natural partner for companies that are starting to realise that wireless integration is a crucial issue. In that sense FICOSA wants to strengthen its leading position by participating in projects that require innovative solutions in the telematics area such as 3G/4G telephony and GNSS satellite communications DSRC M2M solutions for car manufacturers and aftermarket solutions etc.


FICOSA is an industrial group based in Spain and a global leader in research development production and marketing of automotive systems and parts. Founded in 1949 the company with headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) holds a team close to 8000 employees and manufacturing plants technological centres and offices located throughout 19 countries in Europe North America South America and Asia.

The Group invests 4% of its income in R&D and operates one of the top technology development centres in Spain addressed to the automotive electronics energy and communications industries. FICOSA has positioned itself for the future as a world leader in electronic systems with a global and more diversified business agenda and an expanded added value product line.

For more information visit FICOSA website.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 06 Apr 2012