Bridgestone has issued a huge show of support towards a fully electrified transport sector, after confirming that all its newly engineered tyres will be ‘EV-ready’ across its entire product portfolio in the future.

Enabled by its ENLITEN tyre technology platform, the company is manufacturing every future product to meet both general performance demands and the specific requirements of electric vehicles. These include improving energy efficiency, maximising battery range, and accommodating the increased weight and torque of EVs.

The announcement arrives after a recent survey commissioned by Bridgestone revealed that 40%1 of motorists will buy an EV by 2028, up 11 percentage points from when asked in 2022 (29%).”  The results also reinforce the fact that motorists appreciate the benefits of making the switch, with 50%1 intending to do so for the potential savings from avoiding the fuel pumps and 45%1 preparing to do so for environmental benefits.

A number of Bridgestone’s tyres already benefit from being ‘EV-ready’, including the Turanza 6 and Turanza All Season 6, which are both perfectly designed to be suited to hybrid and EVs, helping to optimise their performance, alongside ICE’s (Internal Combustion Engines),. For EVs, this includes low rolling resistance to save battery life and address range anxiety concerns, excellent control to address EV-specific driving-related issues, higher wear tolerance to combat tyre wear due to the increased weight and higher torque, and decreased noise for driver comfort owing to the near non-existent engine noise of EVs.

Tyres in the Bridgestone portfolio now fit on all of the world’s top 10 most popular EVs and other products like the Duravis Van in the commercial sector, such as the Duravis Van, are also benefitting from the ENLITEN tyre technology platform.

Bridgestone’s North Region Vice President Andrea Manenti said: “The electric revolution is changing the automotive landscape, and Bridgestone is committed to making EVs more efficient, attractive and accessible for drivers and fleets across the globe. Enabled by our ENLITEN tyre technology platform, we’re engineering every Bridgestone tyre to be EV-ready – meeting both general performance demands and the specific requirements of electric vehicles.

“Bridgestone EMIA doesn’t develop EV-specific tyres for the replacement market; our EV-ready tyres meet both general performance demands and the specific requirements of electric vehicles – making electric mobility more efficient, attractive and accessible across the globe.

“Bridgestone’s mission as a business is ‘serving society with superior quality’, which is why our priority is to reduce complexity for our customers and provide choice in our offering, with tyre options to suit every need and journey. No matter what powers the vehicle, we understand that what drivers need from their tyres is unchanged. Whether driving internal combustion engine, hybrid or electric vehicles, drivers have the same top three priorities when it comes to tyres: grip, wet braking and wear life. Grip on the road is the number one priority for all.”

Bridgestone is keen to stress the distinction between EV-specific tyres for the replacement market and EV-ready tyres.

Andrea added: “Our EV-ready strategy creates a single product focus. For our customers, our approach simplifies their inventory management and cuts overhead costs. For the road users who depend on Bridgestone tyres, it empowers them to choose a tyre for its unique selling point, regardless of whether or not their vehicle is electric or ICE.

“And for Bridgestone, our EV-ready strategy creates a faster time to market, enabling us to react to real-world needs with greater speed and a wider product portfolio.”

Bridgestone’s EV-ready strategy represents part of its mission to continue to provide social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company toward 2050.

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