Brussels authorities have decided to speed up the implementation of an expansion of pedestrianised areas in the city centre.

The planned area for pedestrianisation will be closed to traffic from 29 June, two weeks earlier than originally planned.

The pilot area includes a stretch of the busy Boulevard Anspach from De Brouckère to Rue du Lombard, as well as streets either side of the boulevard.

The pilot area will remain in place for eight months, before work begins on converting the streets into pedestrian spaces.

Furthermore, in streets which will remain open to traffic, more will be converted into one-way streets and in some areas parking places will be removed.

‘We will remove parking places as previously planned,’ says Brussels mayor Yvan Mayuer. ‘On the main roads, they will be converted into cycle lanes in many areas. To allow residents to keep their cars, we will seek to agree special privileges for residents with developers who build underground car parks.’

From 29 June, the only vehicles allowed into the pilot zone will be residents owning a garage, disabled or elderly residents, emergency service vehicles and delivery vehicles from 6 until 11 am. 

Original author: Lewis Macdonald
Picture: Michael Costa