With the ocassion of Valentine’s Day, Ford has released this curious article on “the secret to finding love on the road“. A new survey conducted by Ford and YourTango found  that vehicles are driving relationships further, offering an intimate atmosphere that allows people to  disconnect from distractions to truly connect with the person in their passenger seat. From budding romance  to spicy encounters, Love on the Road highlights the vehicle’s role in shifting romance into high gear.

Topline highlights from the Ford + YourTango “Love on the Road” survey:

Kiss + Tell: Turns out Americans aren’t so shy about sharing their tales of roadside romance! A whopping 57%  claimed to have a significant “first” in a car (including “first time”, first break up, first heart break, first “I love  you,” and first kiss)! Of those “firsts,” one-in-four had their first kiss in a car, while one-in-five said their first “I love  you.” No wonder cars are so near and dear to Americans’ hearts!

Car Confessions: When asked which vehicle they would find sexiest for a romantic partner to drive, 39% go for  trucks, while 34% prefer a sports car – more reason to rev-up that tough Ford F-150 or sporty Mustang!

Top Turn-Offs: When asked what they least want a new date to find in their cars, 68% said they hide the empty  fast-food containers, while 23% dread their date noticing their embarrassing taste in music. Meanwhile,  respondents were much less offended by similar “turn-off” offenses found in their dates’ cars, with fast-food  evidence ranking at 39%, dirty laundry at 33%, and embarrassing songs turning off just 9%.

Shifting Gears: Being together in cars has afforded respondents a key occasion to communicate with one  another. An astounding 78% say that they’ve had a serious relationship discussion in the car – whether  breaking up with their partner or deciding to take the relationship to the next level. An additional 35% have  discovered that a relationship wasn’t going to work out while in the midst of a couple’s road trip, while 34% experienced their very first break-up or heartbreak on the road.

Cars + Stars: When seeking love on the road, 49% said a sky full of stars is the secret to romantic ambiance.  Meanwhile, 21% like to park near the beach and listen to the waves, while 18% look for that perfect playlist.

Be There: In the end, road time drives togetherness. Of respondents, 50% feel most loved and appreciated  when their significant other spends time with them in person, and 36% feel that way when their significant  other surprises them by showing up somewhere unexpectedly. Meanwhile, only 2% feel loved and  appreciated when their partner posts something sweet about them on social media.

Original source: Ford