CEN TC278 PT1701 was established to advise the European Commission in respect of which standardisation related projects should be supported under an upcoming Commission Implementing Decision.

The task of PT1701 was to identify gaps and overlaps in ITS standards that may be needed by Urban Administrations to assist them to implement Urban-ITS.

The PT was further charged to outreach into the Urban Administration community and EC Urban-ITS related projects community to identify the scope and issues relating to its work, and subsequently, to validate its interim findings. The project team itself comprised 11 persons comprising: Urban Administrations; practitioners and advisers to Urban Administrations; professional standards developers; ITS industry; automotive industry.

CO-GISTICS contributed to the report in relation to certain aspects and use cases such as the creation of urban-interurban interfaces, urban freight consolidation centres, improving E2E Freight efficiency, Intelligent Truck Parking and Delivery Areas Management (ITP/DAM) , Priority and Speed Advice, Eco-drive Support Service, and Footprint Monitoring and Estimation.

The interim findings were made available in January 2016. An open workshop was held on 11-12 February 2016, and as a result of discussion, based on early feedback from Urban administrations, the recommendations have been significantly consolidated, and the summary report and executive summary significantly (as expected) rewritten to focus on the issues as identified by the Urban Administrations, and to remove technical terms/jargon from the high level recommendations. In the INTERIM version, Use Cases were explored/examined and 103 interim recommendations made from these analyses. This revision retains those recommendations, and associates the recommendations to the priorities identified by Urban Administrations and other actors.

The full report is available here.