bobbyBobby – Your daily commuting buddy – an App that won the MOBiNET 10K and eSafety Aware incubation prize at the ITS World Congress 2015 Hackathon in Bordeaux, is now available for download in the Google Play store. The challenge of the Bordeaux Hackathon was to come up with new ideas and apps for mobility or safety services using the different components and tools of the MOBiNET platform. The Bobby team used the MOBiNET Service Directory – database of transport and mobility data and services and the MOBiAGENT application to create a mobile app that triggers actions based on proximity and predefined waypoints.

The purpose of the app is to automate actions you do repeatedly during your daily commute, whether by car or by public transport, in order to make your journey safer, more time-efficient and to streamline your movements. The actions are automated and releasable based on a geographical and time condition. Indeed, if you are used to send an SMS to prevent someone every time you go to a particular place, you can schedule the application and Bobby will do the work for you at the right place/moment.
The Bobby App is currently fully available in Bordeaux, France, but is looking to expand in other French cities such as Paris, Lyon etc. When it comes to technical specifications, Bobby uses geo-fencing Android system but does not obtain any personal information.

What exactly does the Bobby App do?
In the first version of the app, you can automate:

  • Sending an SMS or email when passing close to a selected place
  • Recovering the next passing bus and tram in the vicinity
  • Recovering the status of various nearby public / private car parks
  • Recovering the bike availability at nearby stations
  • The traffic status of a selected area

For more information about Bobby, visit the website or follow Bobby on Twitter @App_Bobby

Click here to download Bobby in Google Play store!