Vattenfall is to become a leader in the transition to a sustainable energy system, according to the Swedish Government. Tomas Kåberger, professor of industrial energy policy at Chalmers, has been elected to the board in order to increase its competence.

The energy market is rapidly changing. The climate requires a shift from fossils to renewables and new energy technologies evolve rapidly.

The Swedish Government finds it urgent to keep the State-owned energy company Vattenfall at the front line of the energy transition. In order to increase the company’s expertise in renewable energy, the Government has nominated Chalmers professor Tomas Kåberger to the Board. According to the the justification, he combines “technical and strategic expertise in the energy sector with a strong business understanding.” Today he was elected as a member of the board at the annual general meeting of Vattenfall.

“It is a difficult and important task. All the old electric companies have experienced problems when the new energy technology has become cheaper and old power declined in value. The challenge is to avoid losing a lot of money on the old plants while making profitable investments in the future of renewable generation capacity”, said Tomas Kåberger.

Tomas Kåberger is professor of industrial energy policy at Chalmers, chairman of the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation, and former Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency. He also has board experience from companies operating in the renewable energy industry.


Original source: Chalmers University