ERTICO is delighted to announce that Maastricht, a city and a municipality in the South East of the Netherlands, has joined its Partnership. Maastricht is also the capital and largest city of the province of Limburg. This new collaboration opens the ERTICO network to another important player in the Public Authorities sector.

“ERTICO and the Public Authorities sector are now even better connected thanks to the new cooperation with the Maastricht municipality. Sharing knowledge while leveraging common goals will allow further deployment of innovative urban mobility solutions,” remarks Joost Vantomme, CEO at ERTICO-ITS Europe.

“We are excited to join this European public-private partnership of 120 companies and organisations with the goal to create safer, smarter and cleaner transport services and networks for the benefit of all. The city of Maastricht shares the ambition to drive forward the innovation and deployment of smart mobility solutions “, says Anouk Maas, the Business Development Manager at the Maastricht Convention Bureau.

The Maastricht Convention Bureau is a non-profit organisation with 35 years of experience that cooperates with all the relevant suppliers, hotels, regional governments and knowledge institutes in the Maastricht region. It also focuses on organising various international events and conferences. A significant emphasis is also put on transport and mobility development within the region.

“The engagement in a wider network across different sectors and the resulting insights allows us to innovate more – like the cross-border development of the project ‘Smarterlab’ with the aim to widespread implement smart transport technologies,” says Anouk Maas, the Business Development Manager at the Maastricht Convention Bureau.

ERTICO and its Partners will be able to benefit from this new Partnership while expanding its network within the public authorities and collaborating on various projects and initiatives related to urban mobility. The City of Maastricht will also gain access to an extensive network of smart mobility players in the private industry and other public authorities. The new ERTICO Partner will be able to participate in the EU co-funded projects and collaborate on the ITS Congresses.

Find out more about the Maastricht Convention Bureau here. To discover the benefits of being part of ERTICO and how to join the Partnership, visit the website.