As a key part of its Vision 2030, ERTICO regularly discusses automation and the impact of its future use on cars, public mobility systems and freight networks. For its implementation, it will certainly require the latest developments in technology and structural changes in the infrastructure of roads and mobility services. But what about the consumers, how confident do they feel about being driven by an automated vehicle? Do consumers actually believe they can buy a self-driving car? Do consumers really understand what automation is and where we are today with the technology?

Some of these questions were answered recently by Euro NCAP, the organisation that tests the safety of cars. Euro NCAP carried out their very first assessment that examined and compared the performance of Highway Assist technology in 10 models of vehicles. Euro NCAP rightly concluded that no car on the market today offers full automation or autonomy – the technologies offered in these cars can help the driver to maintain a safe distance, speed and to stay within their driving lane. To coincide with the release of these results Euro NCAP in collaboration with Global NCAP and Thatcham also carried out a  #TestingAutomation Consumer Survey. The survey revealed more than 70% of car drivers believe that it is already possible to purchase a car that can drive itself. The survey highlighted a potential confusion felt by motoring consumers about the capacities of currently available technologies and a potential misunderstanding of ‘driver assistance’ and ‘automated driving’ technologies.

Jacob Bangsgaard CEO of ERTICO said:  ‘This is a highly significant survey and shows how important it is to communicate properly when introducing new technologies. Here at ERTICO, we are working with a range of stakeholders in projects that will pave the way to the introduction of automation, both within the mobility sector and for logistics. However it is fundamental to clarify when and how these technologies will be introduced and what impact they will have on the daily lives of the end users.”

Euro NCAP’s tests assess the different approaches to the application of driver assistance technologies and the varying degree of driver support each manufacturer provides. An entirely independent testing organisation, funded by consumer and safety organisations, Euro NCAP is committed to providing reliable, comprehensive and timely consumer information on the safety of new cars in Europe and globally in other countries through its work with Global NCAP.

The organisation provides a five-star safety rating system, where a star rating is determined from a series of vehicle tests that helps consumers to compare vehicles more easily. While a safety rating can never reproduce a real-life situation, the vehicle improvements and the technology brought over the past years by the application of high safety standards have been shown to deliver tangible benefits to consumers in Europe and to society as a whole.

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