In order to evaluate the proper city logistics measures and manufactures to be undertaken it is necessary to consider the needs of the various stakeholders which are involved in the urban freight transport. The collection and the analysis of the stakeholders’ needs will enable the refinement of the CityLog/CityMove urban freight delivery concept and also represent an important input for their design phase.

The questionnaire aims at gathering information concerning their needs operations and applications related to the urban freight delivery.

Overall objective of preliminary user needs collection

The primary goal of the user needs assessment is to maximise the usability of the truck system of the future by means of user-centred model design and evaluation. Therefore the relevant analytical investigation is based on both users and experts’ suggestions. The design of the user-centred system can be combined adapted and extended to the concept of the trucks system on the future as well.

According to your expertise CityLog kindly asks you to fill the questionnaire here. All information collected by the working team – your contribution included – will be then processed consolidated and presented to the two Projects’ Consortiums in order to help in the following definition of the technical specification of the urban freight delivery of the future.
Urban Transportat Stakeholders.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010