In May 2023,  SWARCO’s GoGreen team started a unique journey, traversing various exhibitions and trade fairs across Europe to present their innovative approach to achieving the ambitious climate targets set by the European Green Deal. Since then, they have met with a diverse audience, including city representatives, private industry partners, academicians, traffic experts and engineers in a mission to support them in meeting the EU Green Deal objectives and at the same time, learn about the current market challenges in a tailored manner, to ensure our future development directly responds to our customer need.

The fast-changing mobility trends and needs require new ways of managing traffic because the traditional way is no longer sufficient when pollution levels are rising and cities are continuously under pressure with increasing travel demand. GoGreen makes sure cities can experience, how currently existing ITS solutions can be integrated and connected and supports cities with the current needs of mobility management for all types of travellers. Because for most of us, travelling green means travelling differently, e.g. not being dependent on private car usage and adjusting to emission-free city centres, meaning other transport modes need to be made convenient, safe and attractive.

A not very surprising, but not to be forgotten key outcome from these multiple meetings: cities are just like people. Everyone is individual, and sustainable progress is only possible by putting the egos back and striving for true collaboration.

GoGreen is an initiative that welcomed much support from the European Commission, visualizing how the EU Green Deal cities can utilize a scalable and modular eco-system of ITS to reduce pollution and emissions coming from day-to-day traffic.

The initiative is supported by an immersive VR-experience: people get to see a connected city, play with different ITS components and get a visualization of how these components change the city’s infrastructure, look and feel and traffic flow – in a nutshell, it shows how SWARCO can help to build green cities, wrapped in a very tangible, understandable and interactive way.

Source:GoGreen – an overview of our journey | SWARCO