Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed 24 innovative initiatives which cover seven areas including Digital Twin, Metaverse, Robotics, ecosystems, enterprise solutions, AI, and data, as part of the first phase of Digital Strategy 2023-2030 to develop an agile and scalable digital infrastructure to make Dubai the world’s smartest city.

This unveiling came during an event which was attended by more than 300 technical experts from different companies including Gartner and RTA senior officials, to mark the beginning of a new era in digital transformation and the integration of advanced technologies across Dubai. The event showcased a set of workshops that created a collaborative space to co-create the future of RTA projects through dynamic partnerships and interactive sessions. It focused on RTA’s Digital portfolio for the next seven years, highlighting main areas such as Digital Twins, Metaverses, Robotics, Ecosystems, Enterprise Solutions, AI, and Data which are essential for advancing RTA’s technology-driven projects.

During the event, Mohammed Al Mudharreb, CEO of the Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, emphasized RTA’s dedication to achieving its Digital Vision. He discussed the steps towards creating Dubai’s futuristic transportation landscape by adopting innovative transport solutions, integrating smart city technologies, and utilizing digital advancements to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability. “Through strategic collaborations and visionary initiatives, RTA continues to drive progress towards a digitally empowered future.” He stressed.

Al Mudharreb emphasized that this strategic plan outlines the necessary steps towards digital integration, addresses the challenges and sets ambitious goals for the future. Representatives from Gartner, a renowned information technology research and advisory company, offered valuable insights into the evolving digital landscape, emphasizing strategic directions for RTA’s technological advancements.

The event concluded with workshops highlighting the importance of Digital Collaborations, emphasizing the need to engage private and public organizations. These workshops aimed to raise awareness about RTA’s digital strategy, fostering partnerships to enhance RTA’s Technology Landscape.

Source: Dubai RTA