Cloud LSVA will be hosting two events in the end of September in Brussels: an open working group meeting on 26th and a combined advisory board meeting with the inLane project on 27th. See further details on the meetings below:

Open work group meeting – 26 September

The open work group aims at enabling the Cloud LSVA project partners and other relevant automotive stakeholders, not included in the Cloud LSVA consortium, to work together on common topics of interest from the Cloud LSVA scope of work, as for instance:

  • Video data acquisition
  • Video pre-processing and video annotation
  • Automating and measuring quality of annotations
  • Use of virtual worlds
  • Navigation data
  • HD map production and HD lane model
  • Location based queries and crowdsourcing

The main goal of the open group is to trigger and support the development of suitable standards for the video data set and the video annotation. The standardization activity, supported by Cloud LSVA in the Open group will also address:

  • Ontology of computer vision applied to ADAS
  • Video Data modelling
  • Data fusion format
  • ADAS metadata

Advisory Board meetings – 27 September

The advisory board meeting aims at providing update about the Cloud LSVA and InLane project objectives and achievements to external experts in the field related to both projects.The role of the advisory boards is also to provide regular and meaningful input to the projects by external experts on the automotive sector.The Advisory Board will meet along with consortium members at least once a year, at specific project deliverables or milestones. It  will also serve as a dissemination path for the Cloud-LSVA and InLane projects.

More information:

  • Further info on the open group meeting, held 26 September available here
  • For more on the combined advisory board meetings, 27 September click through.


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