VRA suppvrasmallorted several activities during the 2016 ITS World Congress held in Melbourne, 10-14 October on various topics related to automation including certification, standardisation, trilateral cooperation and digital infrastructure. Click through to find out more about the activities and view the presentations!



fotnetdatasmallFOT-NET Data organised an international workshop in collaboration with the US Department for Transport and a Special Interest Session (SIS40) on data collection and sharing with a focus on automated vehicle pilots. Visit the FOT-NET website for more information and the presentations.


cloudsmallCloud LSVA hosted a special interest session at this year’s ITS World Congress in Melbourne, October 2016. The session featured topics on the relation between ADAS and Big Data; the importance of – Computer Vision based semiautomatic annotation, as well as touch on the sensitive issue of Insurance and liability in the future autonomous vehicles. Click here to view the presentations!